2 comments on “Quick Quips: WWE Raw 8.27.12

  1. Wouldnt it be funny if Vince McMahon was the last guy they were waiting for at the Anger Management? It would certainly fit his character.

    Ryback almost broke Swagger’s neck. Im sure he’ll hear a mouth full from Gorilla.

    I dont know how they build up Punk for next week. I mean they’ll be in Chicago, how are they NOT going to cheer Punk?

  2. Im just glad that Zack didnt lose this week. And he didnt even get chokeslammed by Kane so I consider it a win-win.

    Good tag match. I wonder if they play into the fact that Orton helped Sheamus win the tag team match?

    Orton vs. Ziggler on Smackdown? Thats a pretty good match!!

    I think the Nitro Girls were also PG, like Cameron and Namoi.

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