One comment on “Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 8.2.12

  1. I thought the whole baby shower segment was awful. The crowd could’ve cared less. I cant stand Claire. Just yelling on my screen is annoying. She actually looks and sounds like Karen Jarrett.

    I cant really get behind Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner. I think Rayne is hott but Hebner annoys me. I mean the guy still plays up the “You screwed Bret” chants and he even has a shirt with that saying on it. I mean that 15 yrs. ago. Get over it.

    I dont really like Zema Ion. I mean his look needs to be updated. I think part of this push and why hes X Division Champion is because of what he did to Jesse Sorensen. I think once Jesse comes back and gets his revenge on Ion, I dont think Ion remains a top player.

    Now why do you promote your competition with a John Cena picture and a CM Punk avatar. I dont see pics of AJ Styles or Daniels avatar on Raw.

    I dont mind Joesph Park but hes got some serious cartoon facial expressions. Just act normal. You dont see Bully Ray with those cartoon facial expressions.

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