One comment on “Quick Quips: Raw 7.16.12

  1. Matt, I hope you feel better.

    Raw has been better than the train wreck last week was. I like Big Show putting doubt in Punk’s mind about Cena cashing in MITB. As usual, they’ll probably do the honorable thing and have Cena straight up challenging for Punk’s title. It would be cool to cash in on a prone Punk, which would turn Cena heel(??!!). Remember, Cena complained last year when ADR did it. Also, remember, Punk did that to Jeff Hardy, starting Punk’s heel turn.

    I like the Ziggler/Jericho program. Hopefully, Ziggler rises to the top of the card with this feud.
    Loved Rikishi coming back and the dancing with The Usos. The Usos got some charisma.

    The AJ/Bryan thing is weird because they were heels but I dont think so now. Im intrigued with AJ and Bryan.

    Didnt mind Ryback vs. Jack Swagger. The only thing was that even a match? If it wasnt and the bell never rang, why didnt the referee, you know, RING THE BELL, to start the match??!!

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