2 comments on “Editorial – Wrestling May Matter But Does TNA?

  1. Your spot on with the TNA modus operandi and having just seen the last two tapings for the rebranded Impact Wrestling, I’m say to report that nothing has changed except the logo, slogan, and cosmetic changes to the Impact Zone, and it looks like the set decorator was inspired by Smackdown; everything is in blue including the ring ropes. But the story lines are no different; they’re continuing to push the fossils and the young talent they’re pretending to push are just foils. I was watching Kendrick, Gen Me, and Amazing Red in the ring with Hogan, Bischoff, and Foley. The contrast was stark and even though Kendrick is over 30, he and his compatriots look like teenaged punks compared to the ancient legends who were allegedly trying to get them over.

    • Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it. Hey and feel free to send me any observations or comments you have on the tapings that other sites might not care about. I’m always trying to get down there for a show.

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